Friday, March 15, 2013


I got back from a campus visit a few days ago and am still shoveling through my big pile of things to catch up on, so this isn't the entry I've been working on -- sorry about that.  It's coming, though.

Some things going on with me:
- one grad school acceptance (yay!) from some people who seem awesome
- one rejection -- I was pretty disappointed initially but feel fine about it now, based on some recent changes in the program
- one Skype interview -- no idea how I did on this; possibly sounded like an idiot
- one campus visit with two interviews -- had an amazing time, but super nervous about the outcome
- very excited about a reading of my new play soon

Non-playwriting things:
- multi-week bad chest cold (doctor's appointment soon, fortunately)
- financial blech
- computer blech
- lots and lots of non-writing job obligations

Oh well.  More soon.