Monday, November 26, 2012

Here we go

My first grad school deadline is on December 1.  Things left to do:

1. Figure out why my Statement of Purpose for this school sounds so idiotic.
I don’t get it at all.  It’s not that different from the other ones -- why do you want to study with us, what do you want out of grad school, why should we admit you -- and yet it keeps sounding like I was in some terrible Douche-Ray accident and now I have special Douche Powers.  I’ve probably written six completely different versions of this thing, and its current incarnation is still not good.

2. Re-scan transcript so the file size isn’t gigantic. 
This shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  Oh god, why did I say that, now it’s going to blow up the scanner. 

3. Finish the play.

Okay, more specifically, I’m just burned out on it.  I’m trying to make a big push today, but I look at it and I want to hit my laptop with a bat.  I feel like it has so many problems and that it needs about six more months of work, but that’s probably bullshit, and the deadline is going to be good for me.  I hope to have it acceptable for submission by Wednesday, and in a state where I don't want to keep editing it after I turn it in (because I have six more places to submit it to).  

(Don't tell my brain, but after I finish this play, I have to write another one by mid-January, for a school that requires two plays with its application.  I've written other plays, but Home Before Dark has demanded a lot of me and I'm better than I was when I wrote them.  So I don't want to turn in something that's not indicative of what I now do.

The saving grace is that the new play can be a one-act.  We'll pretend that makes it half as hard as a full-length play.)

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